M.J.S. Med® is a business entity intended for laboratory production of natural products and distribution of medical equipments, founded in 2005.

We are still the Portuguese trade representative of the German company REGUMED® and BICOM® optima equipment.

Considering the growing concerns in healthcare and interest in natural products by all the Portuguese population , the M.J.S.Med® throughout these 19 years of existence has developed a portfolio of products , currently with more than 40 references, accompanying the individual needs of our consumers.

Our nutritional supplements are produced in a laboratory unit certified with ISO 9001:2008 international certification of quality management systems. All raw materials and finished products are subject to rigorous quality control, remaining in constant review by our doctors and pharmacists.

Committed to ensuring the improvement, quality, accuracy and safety of products, M.J.S. Med® has in recent years growth, development and sustained economic positioning and simultaneous recognition of the medical profession and consumers.